The Change My Stars English Immersion Camp began July 2011 and continues to take place during summer vacation annually. We have also added a week long winter camp during winter break. The camp is located in the center of the city of Puerto Plata and has a mixture of sponsored campers and campers who have been paid for by their caretakers.  The campers' ages range from 5 to 14 years old.  Camp counselors are volunteers who are native English speakers, mostly from the United States.  The overall goal is to expose these campers to as much English as possible through: games, explicit teaching, repetition, conversations and fun! 

The cost for the entire summer of camp is $13 US dollars per week plus a one time registration fee of $2.50 and is used to pay the camper's transportation, camp building rent, and to obtain supplies needed in order for the camp to function. The cost of volunteering for one week is $350 US and this includes program transportation, stay, meals, transportation for a weekly recreational excursion, and more. If you would like to sponsor a camper or volunteer, please e-mail 

Summer 2012 Updates: 

Summer 2011 Updates: