martes, 9 de octubre de 2012

2012-2013 Scholarships Announced

Eriverto at camp.
       We are happy to announce that three scholarships have been awarded for the 2012-2013 school year. Miguelina Joseph and Eriverto Osvaldo both received scholarships again, which have allowed them to continue their education in El Colegio Sueño de Los Niños. Miguelina is in 7th grade and Eriverto is in 5th grade. 

Miguelina at camp.
Freddy Jean Piet, who is more commonly called Fefe, has begun his first year of university studies at the University OyM in Puerto Plata. He is studying modern languages. 

Fefe at high school graduation.
Thank you to those of you who have supported these scholarships! These are truly life changing opportunities for these kids and young adult. 

End of Camp, Transition to Weekly Club!

Our apologies for never posting summaries of week 5 and 6 of camp. With volunteers leaving and transitioning into the new school year, we got busy! But the last two weeks of camp were great. During the last few days of camp, along with having some end of camp fun time, we gave quizzes in each station to see how much campers had learned throughout the summer.  Here are the averages:

Active Games Station
Body parts - 73%
Actions & Directions - 73%

Arts & Crafts Station
Colors - 92%
Weather - 97%

Songs Station
Baby Shark - 91%
Old McDonald - 87%

Story Station
Emotions - 59%

We will run our next English camp over Winter Break for one week beginning Monday, December 31st. Camp will run from 9 am-12 pm each day of the week and will cost 200 pesos (about $5.10 US). For parents who work early, we will have before care from 8-9 am but the week will then cost 250 pesos. After this winter camp, our summer camp will run during summer vacation for six weeks, beginning Monday, June 24th. If you are interested in sponsoring a camper to attend either winter or summer camp or are interested in participating as a volunteer counselor, please e-mail 

Also, to continue with a little English education throughout the year for youth 5-14 years old, we have begun an English club. The club runs on Thursday afternoons from 2-4 pm. Registration is 100 pesos and the monthly fee is 200 pesos. Participants who need to be picked up will be charged 300 pesos a month. Again, if you are interested in sponsoring a camper or participating as a volunteer counselor, please e-mail 

Thank you! We look forward to giving you more updates!