viernes, 6 de julio de 2012

Camp: Week 2

 Our second week at camp has been so exciting!  We have 3 new campers who really seem to be enjoying all of the activities and many new friendships are blossoming.  We also welcomed 3 new counselors this week, Liz, Virginia, and Cole.  

Our focus for this week was on colors and our homes.

In art class the campers practiced their vocabulary by drawing pictures of their homes and labeling the rooms as well as items you might find in those rooms.  Later in the week they played pictionary to practice identifying household items in English.  The campers also practiced explaining what they would do in each of the rooms by writing stories about how they spend their mornings: I sleep in my bedroom.  I eat breakfast in the kitchen.  I watch TV in the living room. At the end of the week, the students created books about the colors of the rainbow in art class.  They were able to color pictures of a rainbow and label them with color words in English.

Outdoor games and activities were very fun for the campers.  They played different games each day to practice their vocabulary.  They started the week off by playing 4 corners.  Each of the corners of the yard were labeled with different rooms in the house.  The students were then told an item and they had to run to the room in which they would find that item.  They also played a modified baseball game to practice some of their action words like: walk, jump, skip and run.  On Friday, the kids went on a treasure hunt to practice their directions.   They all loved finding the caramelo (candy) at the end!

Camper Aniverca can't run due to her cerebral palsy so Counselor Cole carried her. With no special education in public schools, Aniverca has never attended school. Camp is quite an opportunity for her!

Songs was very exciting this week because counselor Sandra bought a new guitar for the camp!  Using her guitar playing as back up, the kids had so much fun singing, I Can Sing a Rainbow and In the Jungle.

Once again, campers were quizzed on Friday to see what they learned. Four campers scored 100% The average score was 75%. As far as sponsored campers go, we still seek sponsors for Medlen and Juliana, as well as a new and unexpected member to Project Esperanza's boys' home. Thank you to those of you who are sponsoring! If you are not sponsoring but would like to, please e-mail 

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