The Change My Stars Scholarship program is set up to provide the opportunity to local public school students who have demonstrated great potential to attend private school. Public schools in the Dominican Republic generally provide very low quality education and the private school system is an improvement that can drastically affect the performance and life of the students. Scholarship funds may also be used to pay the tuition and fees of underprivileged campers and pre-schoolers in the Change My Stars English immersion programs, as well as to pay for trade school, university courses, or any other educational endeavour for deserving recipients. The allocation of scholarship funds is decided upon by the staff and volunteers running the Change My Stars programs as they are on the ground/have been on the ground and can access the potential recipients. Lastly, 10% of all funds received toward the scholarship fund will go toward Project Esperanza grassroots schools, as the needs there are great and fundraising is endless.

You can make an anonymous donation or set up a fund in the name of a loved one. To discuss this further, please e-mail the CMS coordinator or donate through Paypal. Thank you for your support!