domingo, 20 de diciembre de 2015

Change My Stars Student Spotlight

Change My Stars Student Spotlight: Miguelina
Miguelina goes to Colegio Santa Rosa de Lima and has been a Change My Stars Scholarship student since 2011. Here’s what she had to say about school this year:
"I am so thankful for this scholarship, and especially for Caitlin- for if it had not been for her I would not have had this opportunity.
School is fun I'm learning a lot! I would also like to learn Italian. I am learning to share with my friends and classmates and although sometimes I get angry with them- most of the time they are super cool.
In the future I would like to have a good job so I can help my parents and other children- just like Project Esperanza has been helping me- I want to do the same for them as well."
To send other kids like Miguelina to school, please consider donating to the PayPal link on the Scholarship page!
Happy Holidays All!

jueves, 22 de octubre de 2015

Change My Stars Summer Camp Recap 2015

2015 was another successful summer for the Change my Stars English Immersion Camp! After 5 weeks of fun activities and games designed to improve their English skills, the 31 campers who participated in the research on average scored 44% higher on the post-test.

 You can see what they enjoyed in these graphics made by Ashley-Brooke Moses.

The Change My Stars Program also offers scholarships to deserving students which works to place them in local private schools, as the public education system in the Dominican Republic has been cited as one of the worst in the world. If you would like to sponsor a student for a Change My Stars Scholarship either  once or on a recurring basis, please donate at the Paypal link on the upper right corner of the page. All donations are tax deductible. For more, please visit the Scholarships section of this website!

And last but certainly not least!
Ashley McKenzie, Kayla Jacobs, Ashley-Brooke Moses, Kiki Spiezio, Pace Academy Group, Reed Kennedy, Crystal Fox, Melissa Fancey, Berryville Baptist Rascals, Shanyce Campbell, Jessie Montana Cain, Faith, Hope, and Joy Foundation, and the Noel Family!
It means a lot to us to have volunteers donate their time and energy to our work. We appreciate all that you have done and we hope that you stay in touch and continue to support Project Esperanza!

martes, 30 de junio de 2015

2014-2015 Scholarships

We never did post about the 2014-2015 scholarships! The following students finished a great year of school, thanks to their scholarship!

Freddy Jean Piet has less than one year left to finish his Modern Languages degree at OyM University. 

Miguelina Joseph finished her 9th grade year at Santa Rosa de la Lima. 

Chinaider Pierre completed his 9th grade year at CENAPEC. 

Eriverto Bien-Aime successfully completed 7th grade at Colegio Perpetuo Socorro. 

Kerenchy Petit-Compere finished 7th grade and Jon Mondesir finished 5th grade at Colegio Mundo Feliz. 

Milena Joseph completed her 5th grade year at Colegio Sueno de los Ninos. 

And Aniverca Bien-Aime completed another year of special education! 

Congratulations to these students and a HUGE thanks to their sponsors that make this possible for them! 

domingo, 6 de julio de 2014

2014 Camp Week Two!

Week two has flown by and it’s time for a quick update!

Peace Corps Volunteer Amanda here filling you in on everything that happened at camp.

The 85 individual students we had at camp this week worked really hard to learn the English words that related to their school. The stations were the same, but that definitely doesn’t mean things have gotten monotonous. With the addition of Peace Corps Volunteer Sara the students also gained a Frisbee for their outdoor games. The older students really took to playing Ultimate Frisbee and Sara found a way to bond with the students. We were sad to see her go on Friday.

We also gained an enthusiastic volunteer named Morganne. She was “Row Row Rowing her Boat” and “Bah Bah Black Sheeping” her way into the hearts of the students all week. The pupils also reviewed many of the songs from week one and really seem to like “5 Little Monkeys”.

In the reading room I split time between reviewing vocabulary, reading to the students, and having the students read to the group. I find it helpful for review to play games using the vocabulary words, so this week we played hangman. A lot of this has to do with the fact that individual letters are so important to the English language so I want the students to be able to recognize individual letters outside of whole words. My favorite part of camp is when I can find an enthusiastic reader to read aloud to his or her peers. I tend to find three a day who really want to take on the challenge of reading to the other students, so I try to make that time enjoyable. More than just a reading station, I hope we can also encourage a culture of books within the students.

This weeks art classes were a lot of fun, because we were focusing on colors. Taylor was able to use water and food coloring to demonstrate different aspects of blending colors. Joanne was able to encourage a lot of use of colors when she helped the students make rainbows using color and coffee filters. It's always nice when we can find a way for the students to express their creativity through art. 

Field day Friday came around lickity split and the teams were ready for their three legged races. Like we say, work hard and then play hard and play hard they did. Everybody tried their best, but the white team came out on top. That was ironic for the week focusing on color and white wins. Oh, science.

All in all it was a very successful week of camp. The students are eager to come and the volunteers are all eager to help them learn. We can’t wait to see what week three will bring.