lunes, 28 de enero de 2013

Introducing: Mary Ellen

Hello Everyone!

My name is Mary Ellen and I am the new teacher at Cambia Mis Estrellas! I've been here two weeks now and I'm really excited to be playing games, singing songs and watching the students learn and grow! (Learning goal for this week: teach one of our kids that not all colors are pink...something he is completely convinced of.)

Let me tell you a bit about myself.

This is me. I am from the United States. 

I taught English as a volunteer in Peru two years ago. 

Last semester I was in the country of Georgia (it's in between Russia and Turkey) teaching English in an elementary school. 

Some of my Georgian students!

The Georgian language looks like this-  როგორ ხარ? 
(that says "how are you?") 

I went from the snow and mountains of Eastern Europe -

to the beaches of the Caribbean! 

With only a week stopover in the States in between. Talk about some culture shock!

I'm pumped to be soaking up the sun, improving my Spanish, 
and especially hanging out with some fabulous little ones! 

Check out a version of Musical Chairs I introduced this past week: 

(Or click here)

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