martes, 24 de julio de 2012

Camp: Week 3

This week at camp the kids learned so much!  We had one new counselor this week, Amanda, and we were also joined by two boys who have been living in the Project Esperanza Boys' Home: Willy and Enso.  Both Willy and Enso have been helping out with the younger kids, but also learning a lot of English.   

In songs class, Counselors Liz, Virginia and Amanda taught the kids a song to memorize the days of the week.  The song was set to the tune of "The Adams Family" theme and the kids really enjoyed singing and snapping their fingers.

Art class with Counselors Em and Katia was also very successful for the campers.  The kids reviewed shapes as well as colors by painting.  The campers really enjoyed using paint, especially mixing colors to make new colors!  The campers also learned a little about time and created clocks to work on how to ask as well as tell someone what time it is. 

Games with Counselors Sandra and Katie was probably everyone's favorite class this week as they spent their time working on Zumba and other dances.  Practicing the dances was not only fun for the kids, but it was also a great way for them to review their directions.

On Friday, the kids who earned 25 or more points throughout the week were able to go on a small trip to tour the neighborhood.  They checked out the Post Office, the Fire Station, and (everyone's favorite part) the BEACH!  All of the kids who were able to participate enjoyed the trip and those who did not earn 25 points reflected on the reasons why they were not allowed to participate. We award points when kids follow the camp rules consistently and answer challenge questions. We take away points when campers disobey the rules. The reward trip was a great ending to a very fun week at camp.

Cha cha slide - How low can you go?

Cha cha real smooth.

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