sábado, 11 de mayo de 2013

A Note from Fefe

Here is a note from Freddy Jean Piet (Fefe) who is attending the university of OyM and studying Modern Languages on a Change My Stars scholarship. He has done exceptionally well so far, just finishing his second cycle where he received all A's and one C (the grading system is the same as in the US). He plans to argue the C because he lost many points on a group project where his group members did not include his student ID number when they turned in the project, although he did participate. Here is a note that he wrote in the English he is learning and a photo:

Hi to everybody: 

Ok, I feel very happy to write this letter in memory of everyone who is supporting me. In this cycle I had good notes and an excellent year. I want God to bless everyone and thanks for all! 


I also want to announce that a laptop was donated to help him with his studies as well, which he says is very useful! Thank you to everyone who has supported and continues to support!

viernes, 10 de mayo de 2013


Hello Volunteers, Supporters, & Followers! 

We have to announce (although late) that we have shut down the English immersion pre-school and other English education activities that took place in the house on the street 12 de Julio in Puerto Plata. We still have the scholarship program with three students on scholarship. We created this English immersion education program in order to more practically engage foreign volunteers and also to respond to the requests of the general Puerto Plata community who had asked for English lessons from native English speakers throughout the years.

The decision to shut down was based on the lack of local registrations and the high costs of the building we were renting. If we have the opportunity to start this program up again in the future, we will do so in a different part of town with a different approach, and building on top of relationships we have formed and lessons learned throughout this effort. Thank you to those of you who have sponsored a camper, a pre-school student, volunteered, or taught. It has been a blast and hopefully we can start it up again someday! In the meantime, we'll continue with the scholarships. If anyone takes special interest in the English immersion pre-school and would like to dedicate resources toward a wiser and stronger re-start, please write to us at cambia.mis.estrellas@gmail.com.

I never did post the family photo of the boy who was sponsored to go to pre-school. Although the school year ended early for him, he learned and grew so much during the months he attended pre-school! Here is Pedro (Alamson) Toussaint and his mother Etienne.

Lastly, a special thank you to Julienne, Hannah, and Mary Ellen who came and taught in the pre-school this year, as well as Nicole who volunteered with the club, and of course everyone who helped out wtih the summer camp! We will do the English camp this summer but in the grassroots school in Padre Granero. We'll continue to post about scholarships.