jueves, 18 de agosto de 2011

Camp: Week 3

As promised, this week at camp we had a lot of fun focusing on prepositions!  The students learned words such as: up, down, over, under, on top, around, and into.  We practiced reading a story called, Follow Me, Mittens.

The kids really seemed to like this story and by the end of the week, many were able to read key phrases, specific words, or even the entire book!

In songs, the campers practiced their prepositions and body parts by doing The Hokey Pokey!  They all enjoyed this, especially when they were able to shake their WHOLE body all around.  

By far, however, the campers' favorite part of this week was a new game created by one of our counselors.  It was a lot like musical chairs, but with a twist.  This counselor used a ball and a bucket.  She would yell out where she was placing the ball:

The ball is under the bucket
The ball is over the bucket

But... when she yelled: The ball is INSIDE the bucket

Everyone had to find a seat.  Of course, as in musical chairs, the person without the seat was out of the game.  After playing this a number of times we noticed that the campers were yelling out sentences including prepositional phrases, and some of the youngest campers were even helping to yell the sentences for the game!

There was a lot of progress made this week in camp, but we still have a long way to go and many more words to practice!

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