lunes, 2 de abril de 2012

Family of 2 Kids in Need of Sponsorship

This is Eriverto, outstanding camper from 2011 and also a Change My Stars Scholarship recipient. He stands on the left next to his sister Anibelka (middle), and mother Adeline, (right). Their father is absent and Adeline spends her days walking around the beach searching for tourists to braid their hair. She sometimes goes months without finding work. 

Eriverto has improved tremendously since last summer, academically speaking, due to receiving the scholarship and moving from a public school to a private school. He needs a sponsor to send him to English camp again this summer. Additionally, this summer, we hope to be able to send Anibelka to camp, who has cerebral palsy, and with the lack of special education in this country, has received no schooling whatsoever, but spends her days in her tiny house or yard, which sits right along a main street. Luckily, one of our counselors, Cole, who will be present the whole summer, is a special educaton teacher from NYC and hopes to specifically look after Anibelka this summer. Can you help us send these two children to camp?

This year camp registration is 100 pesos and then there is a weekly fee of 250 pesos. The weekly transportation fee for kids from this neighborhood is 300 pesos per child. Therefore, to sponsor each of these kids in USD, the costs are as follows:

1 week - $16.80
2 weeks - $30.84
3 weeks - $45.00
4 weeks - $59.13
5 weeks - $73.26
6 weeks - $87.40

**Our apologies for a previous mistake that said $50 could send a child to camp. We made a mistake in calculation, only including one week of transportation costs. This is the correct cost. 

You can sponsor by sending a check to:

Project Esperanza
1291 Valley Mill Rd. 
Winchester, VA 22602

or by donating on PayPal. If you donate on PayPal, please add an additional 2.5% to your donation because that is what the PayPal fee is. Please help us send these kids to camp! We think it will be a huge encouragement for them in their difficult lives. Thank you!