jueves, 18 de agosto de 2011

Camp: Week 4

This week at camp felt a little like review as two of the counselors were leaving mid-week for week 5.  The counselors' goal this week was to use as much English as possible around the campers and to be certain to have the campers speak in English as often as possible.  Overall, this week was by far the best for really being able to see the progress of the kids, especially those campers that had been with us from the beginning.

In story time, the campers were broken into different groups.  The younger kids read a Dora the Explorer book and LOVED it.  The book focused on short sentences and important phrases such as:

I need
I want
I have

All of the kids in this group created butterflies, just like the ones in the book to practice their colors and also talked a lot about the difference between clean and dirty as the puppy in the book needs to take a bath!

The older group of campers read a book about graduation.  They all learned many new words, as well as how important it is to learn to read before you can graduate!

In songs, the kids sang Old McDonald and learned how to say the names of different animals in English (as well as had A LOT of fun making the animal sounds at the top of their lungs- I think they heard us down the street).

In games, the kids wanted to play our version of musical chairs and duck, duck, goose (down, down, up) mostly, however, some of the students really got into coloring and continued practicing their English by coloring pages all about numbers and different vocabulary words. 

Friday of Week 4 at camp was very special, however, and all of the regular activities were put on hold so we were able to have a BABY SHOWER for Caitlin!  The kids loved wrapping the presents, decorating the school, and also practicing some English by creating cards for Caitlin!

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