miércoles, 20 de junio de 2012

Last Three Campers in Need of Sponsorship

I apologize for this poor quality picture. The three older children in this family photo are all itching to go to camp this summer! The oldest, Fejita, (female), is 9. Then there is Medlen, (male), who is 8 years old. Juliana, 6 years old, is the third child. It was difficult to get this family together for a photo since both parents work so much and the mother did not want her photograph taken. Finally, we got the photo taken, but again, it is not the best quality. 

I am happy to announce that both Enelbi and Junior who were in our last post, have been sponsored! So now these three kids are the last kids needed to be sponsored, along with $34 missing from Eriverto's sponsorship. Again, here are the camp costs: 

1 week - $16.80
2 weeks - $30.84

3 weeks - $45.00
4 weeks - $59.13
5 weeks - $73.26
6 weeks - $87.40

Thank you for your support!

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