domingo, 10 de junio de 2012

Two More Hopeful English Campers

I am happy to announce that we are just $34 short of having all 8 of the kids posted so far sponsored for all six weeks of camp this summer! With the beginning of camp just 2 weeks away, everyone is getting excited! We actually still are a bit short on volunteer counselors. If anyone is interested in signing up last minute, please e-mail 

This video introduces you to two more kids we hope to get sponsored: Enelbi and Junior who are both age 13. Enelbi and Junior have been members of Project Esperanza's home for boys on the streets since January. They have both been doing very well since entering the home, but it is important that they stay busy during summer vacation as well. Remember, the costs for sending a kid to camp are: 

1 week - $16.80
2 weeks - $30.84
3 weeks - $45.00
4 weeks - $59.13
5 weeks - $73.26
6 weeks - $87.40

Thank you for your support!

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