jueves, 10 de mayo de 2012

The Joseph Family

This is another family of five with two children who need to be sponsored. Miguelina, the taller girl, already is partially sponsored. $50 of the $87.40 needed to send her to camp for the 6 weeks of the summer has been raised. So $37.40 more is needed for her. Next to her is her younger sister, age 8, who hopes to go this year. Last year Miguelina went the entire summer and received a Change My Stars Scholarship at the end of the summer, as she was quite an exceptional camper. She also arrived early for transportation almost every morning and helped wake up and encourage other sponsored campers to go when they were less prepared than she. Please help us to send both of these two sisters to camp this summer! Again, the fees are as following: 

1 week - $16.80

2 weeks - $30.84
3 weeks - $45.00
4 weeks - $59.13
5 weeks - $73.26
6 weeks - $87.40

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