jueves, 22 de octubre de 2015

Change My Stars Summer Camp Recap 2015

2015 was another successful summer for the Change my Stars English Immersion Camp! After 5 weeks of fun activities and games designed to improve their English skills, the 31 campers who participated in the research on average scored 44% higher on the post-test.

 You can see what they enjoyed in these graphics made by Ashley-Brooke Moses.

The Change My Stars Program also offers scholarships to deserving students which works to place them in local private schools, as the public education system in the Dominican Republic has been cited as one of the worst in the world. If you would like to sponsor a student for a Change My Stars Scholarship either  once or on a recurring basis, please donate at the Paypal link on the upper right corner of the page. All donations are tax deductible. For more, please visit the Scholarships section of this website!

And last but certainly not least!
Ashley McKenzie, Kayla Jacobs, Ashley-Brooke Moses, Kiki Spiezio, Pace Academy Group, Reed Kennedy, Crystal Fox, Melissa Fancey, Berryville Baptist Rascals, Shanyce Campbell, Jessie Montana Cain, Faith, Hope, and Joy Foundation, and the Noel Family!
It means a lot to us to have volunteers donate their time and energy to our work. We appreciate all that you have done and we hope that you stay in touch and continue to support Project Esperanza!

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